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Read Again Search: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Read Again Search: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Whenever I used to think of large mirrors, I would remember my grandma's not-so-appealing mirrored closet doors. Gratefully, now-a-days mirrors have graduated to official art status! Floor mirrors and large wall mirrors are also becoming so popular that many are framing and DIY'ing their own. I love having mirrors in our home.

Here are some reasons why a mirror can be a great investment for a minimalist:

  • Common use product (viewing oneself)
  • Wall art and focal point of a room using minimal space while making a big statement
  • Adds a sense of wealth and class to the space
  • Can emphasize the height or width of a room 
  • Reflects light, bringing more light into the space so as to appear lighter
  • Adds personality and compliments the room's decor style in the size, frame style, colors, etc 
  • Reflects the other side of the space so as to make the space appear larger
  • Can be positioned to reflect a window wherein the window's view is projected to the other side which is especially neat when the window has a scenic view

Check out these ideas below!

Not only does this mirror use almost the entire wall space, its frame actually dictates the style of the room!

This mirror is not only functional, but serves as an art piece and adds some elegance to the space.

Art piece!

Two mirrors - double the light and double the space!

Although there is more in this room than I feel there should be (leave the fruit only, or one potted plant and remove the rest) - I love the shout this mirror gives the space. The color warms the room up too!

This mirror lengthens the room- perfectly positioned!

This mirror is working on many levels - it adds height, light, elegance, wealth and art to the space. Love it!

You almost can't tell which one is the mirror! The placement of this mirror brings in the scenery, adds extra light and the feeling of more space. If the mirror was double in size I think it would have a greater effect.

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more ideas to create a cozy yet minimalistic space for you and your loved ones.

Happy minimizing!

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